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Great Business Opportunity to save money and keep your employees trained at any level. If you are a company in the business of helping debtors and consumers, this discounted subscription is for you. You get a private consultation for an hour or so with Brian Parker to discuss anything and everything that is the basis of the entire Brian Parker collection defense and FDCPA, Federal and State experience, and ideas on defending against lawsuits from debt collectors, debt buyers, credit card companies, law firms, and private student loan companies is available for sale in a consultation and idea purchase.

You get:

  • One hour or so a year to meet with Brian Parker (in person or through Zoom) personally or company wide training and discuss FDCPA and Collection Defense Business Ideas and Marketing. 

Consumer Advocacy Businesses Only!

Note: We will go longer than the initial hour if we need to, but don't take advantage of my need for you to succeed. 

Disclaimer: As always, we are not creating an attorney-client relationship, and we are not practicing law in any state with this membership or purchase, as you have access to ideas and documents that you choose to use at your own discretion. Thank you. 

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